These Past Few Months: An Interview Part 1

Over the past couple years I have been in contact with a Kurdish socialist living in Turkey. He is a member of a socialist party called “the Freedom and Solidarity Party”. The surreal chaos in the United States over the past few months is tame compared to the events that have occurred in Turkey.

In an effort to learn more about the political situation in each others’ countries we decided to interview one another. What follows is part one of two interviews. It contains the questions the Kurdish comrade had for me and my answers.

I will publish part two in few weeks. The interview was passed on to another member of the Freedom and Solidarity Party where the questions are currently being translated and answered- then the answers will be translated and sent back to me. I hope to get it out as soon as possible. The situation in Turkey and Kurdistan is rapidly changing and increasingly dangerous for Kurds and socialists. I believe it is important to share their story with people here in the United States.

Until then I hope you enjoy this interview. It will eventually be translated and published in the Freedom and Solidarity Party’s journal. So if you speak Turkish or Kurdish keep an eye out for that.

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